Virtual sports betting on Parimatch

Virtual sports betting on Parimatch

Esports betting has become very popular in recent years. And due to the situation with the pandemic in 2021, the only option remained with virtual sports betting. Even those Internet users who are indifferent to computer games and traditional sports have an idea of ​​them. What is this virtual sport like? Esports is a computer-assisted gaming competition in a simulated virtual space. Only the lazy did not talk about the active development of sports in recent years. The sphere is rapidly developing: new disciplines are emerging, the scale of tournaments is growing, the number of professional and amateur players, moreover, the amounts circulating in the field of sports is constantly growing. For example, in 2019, the prize pool of the main dota 2 tournaments called international was over $31 million.

The Biggest Cash Tournament in Counterattack: Global Offensive (CS:Go). In 2016-2017, a million dollars were drawn on each. If bets are popular, this direction is diligently developed by all bets. In fact, eSports betting attracts more and more attention each year and thus develops betting markets. In particular, betting on DotA 2, FIFA20 and CS: Go CS are among the most popular in the world and in Brazil as well.

Virtual sports betting on Parimatch

Virtual Sports is a computer simulation of a sports competition based on real events of real sports teams and athletes. Unlike ESPORTS, virtual sports do not have players that affect the game. Everything that happens is calculated by a computer without the influence of the human factor. The program includes a lot of data about the composition of teams, the condition of athletes, their strengths and weaknesses, even some character traits are also taken into account. Also, if there is some random factor that affects the event in the game, for example, sometimes a football player incorrectly passes, which leads to an interception of the match and can change the situation on the field. Such accidents happen in the real world, which is why a virtual soccer match or other virtual matches are as close to reality as possible.

It should be borne in mind that virtual matches are much faster than real ones. For example, a full-fledge soccer match can be played in less than 5 minutes, and the World Cup, instead of 30 days, will be played in just a few hours. This means that theoretically you can play several major championships a day and get a decent win from online agencies if you correctly predict and predict the results. Punters can place the same bets as traditional sports: fast football, virtual tennis, fast racing, virtual horse racing, etc.

Sporting features:

  • Teams and athletes have real prototypes.
  • The performance of teams and athletes is based on a variety of factors, including past performances of actual teams and the performance of athletes.
  • Events in the game are calculated by the program, the results depend only on the parameters of the participants and a realistic random generator. The human factor is completely excluded.
  • Game simulations are very fast, any game or game takes just a few minutes. This allows you to place a lot of bets in a short time and, if you are lucky, get multiple wins.
  • Competitors are not affected by injury, morale or the mood of fans. They don’t need rest and don’t suffer from jet lag or weather conditions in the field. They are ideal athletes in a perfect world.

It’s worth remembering that virtual sports is something completely different from sports. Although in both cases the arena is a virtual space, in the case of e-sports, the competition takes place between real people using their skills and, in virtual, only the computer works. Therefore, bets can be placed at any time of the day or night. This is exactly the opportunity provided by Bookmaker Legal’s Parimatch.

What sports are offered in virtual sports

There are many sports disciplines in the modern world, but only the most popular and popular ones are available in virtual sports. This is because the software for calculating games is quite complicated and expensive, therefore, it is being introduced gradually depending on the demand of Bookmaker users. Over time, the choice will grow, although it will still be able to satisfy most punters. Among the virtual sports betting on Parimatch are:

  • Virtual basketball betting;
  • Virtual table tennis betting;
  • Virtual football betting;
  • Badminton bet;
  • Quick Race Bets;
  • Virtual tennis betting;
  • Dog racing betting;
  • Virtual horse racing betting;
  • virtual races in cars and motorcycles;
  • Virtual bike racing betting and many others.

You should start with familiar sports that you already have experience in. Knowing real teams and favorites, you can confidently use that knowledge in virtual disciplines. The virtual online bet will bring the same emotions as the classic version. Especially during the period when offline sports are not available, for example the off-season or the cancellation of any events, leagues and championships. Bookmaker Parimatch holds several dozen different tournaments every day. This means. In addition to the pleasure of the game, you can also profit from betting on virtual sports.

How to bet on virtual sports on Parimatch

Virtual betting gives vivid emotions in a short time. And the main thing is that the games are fast and regular. In just a few minutes, you already know if you are a winner or a loser. And you can make the following bet. More and more players are interested in these Parimatch bets.

Bookmaker Parimatch offers the following types of bets:

The victory of one of the participants or a tie, the difference in the score is not important, the main thing is to determine the winner.

Handicap betting. If one of the teams has a clear advantage, the handicap will compensate for the difference in score, which can bring victory to one of the teams, even if it loses.

Total. In a bet on the total number of goals, you need to determine whether more or less will be scored than in your prediction.

Accurate account. Predict the exact number of points for each team.

It should be remembered that for different sports, some types of bets are more effective, while others are less. For example, in basketball, the score usually reaches several tens of each team, so it is almost impossible to guess the exact score. In tennis, the rules themselves exclude a tie, and the score is always within previously known limits, so only the participant’s total and win are available. In racing, there are no classic options, you have to determine which of the athletes will take which place. Therefore, in order to win, you must stick to betting strategies for a particular sport.

Bonuses for virtual sports betting

Many bookmakers offer various bonuses for betting on virtual sports, including Parimatch. Bookmaker Parimatch grow all your players with up to 40% bonus to win multi bets on virtual sports. The bonus amount depends on the number of events on Express: 3 events – 5% bonus; 4 events – 10% bonus; 5 Events – 15% Bonus, 6 Events – 20% Bonus; 7 events – 25% bonus; 8 events – 30% bonus; 9 events – 35% bonus; 10 events – 40% bonus. The bonus is automatically credited to the game account after calculating the bet.

Virtual sports are simulated games, but they give real emotions. Parimatch fans and users need reasonable doses of adrenaline, especially in these difficult and uncertain times associated with the coronavirus epidemic. Remember that by placing bets on a virtual game, you get the relaxation and positive emotions you need right now, and winning real money is a nice addition.