Parimatch support

Parimatch support

Parimatch’s official website is one of the most popular agents in Brazil. Parimatch Brazil provides a huge range of possibilities for online sports betting, amazing online video slots, iconic table games and amazing bonus offers. But sometimes you may encounter unexpected problems, which will prevent you from betting on your favorite type of sports or casino games. And, like superman in the sky, Parimatch Brazil Bookmaker Support works 24/7 through multiple channels to solve any case and answer every question – because the comfort of the players is the most important thing, which Pari cares about. We are giving you some examples of problems you can expect and which Parimatch can help you solve.

Personal account

Your Parimatch Brazil login is the most important thing to start your gaming career. Without it, you can’t do anything – no bets, no winnings, no live games. So if you’re having trouble with registration, just take a screenshot and ask support.




The same goes for existing player accounts. If you can’t log in because of an unexpected error or need to change your personal details – Parimatch support is always on call.


Fast deposits and withdrawals with accepting rupees from brazils and using different payment methods are the biggest things at Parimatch. But sometimes because of the error in the banking system, your payment can hold up, and you will have to wait for hours for your deposit to show up in the balance. The withdrawal system can also suffer from this: you can wait a long time until your patience is done. And that’s another problem, which support can handle. Simply remember the information about the payment you made and in just a few minutes your funds will be in the right place.

Parimatch has one of the most extensive betting systems among many good ones in Brazil, which improves your chance of getting a large sum of money. But what if your bet disappears and your well-earned money just doesn’t make it to you? Was that some kind of mistake? Or misunderstanding? Don’t be upset – ask customer service for help. They can check the history of the bets you placed and tell the answer about what happened to it.


Bonus offers are exceptionally important for all players because with extra rupees in your balance or free spins, you can increase your odds a dozen times without making another deposit. But what if you can’t get the bonus, and it doesn’t show up in the balance or the bonus code isn’t working? Parimatch support team will help you with this case. Just say which bonus you tried to claim and support will find a way to resolve it, so you won’t be disappointed.

Always remember – Parimatch support can always help you with any expected and unexpected issues. If you are going to contact support, remember some advice, it will help you. First, don’t panic. You can try to find an answer in the FAQ section of the site. If there is nothing about your problem – make contact.




Try to remember all the details and clearly state your question – it will help the specialist to identify the problem. Use the most comfortable method for you to describe the problem – you can make a call, write an email, leave a ticket or enter the live chat, on the official website, ask through messengers with your smartphone – all these methods are always available and Parimatch ensures you will be heard.

Parimatch Call Center.

Many companies using the call center as one of the main channels for customer service because it is more reliable, non-stop work and easily accessible. The only thing it requires for the customer is a phone and a cellular network signal to make a call. And Parimatch is no exception in using this great customer service feature. If you have any problems you can’t solve, just enter Parimatch’s customer service number and make a call. In a minute, the specialist will respond and help with your situation.

Parimatch Contact Center is open every day, even on weekends and nights. In addition, Pari has a verified e-mail, which you can use to ask questions and send necessary information about your payment, verification, etc. But if your issue needs to be resolved immediately, just make a call and the customer service professionals will complete their work for you to be satisfied.

Live chat

Another way to get a quick response from support is Parimatch Live Chat. It is a universal support feature because you can use it on the official Parimatch website on your PC, via the mobile version of the website or the Parimatch mobile app. Just don’t forget to connect your gadget to the internet. The important thing – in live chat you are not talking to a bot, which generates responses to your requests, but you are talking to the real human! To start the chat, you need to log into your account and find the support section in the menu. After that, choose online chat and describe your problem.




The same steps and requirements go for the Pari mobile website and the app – Log into your account and find the Support button in the menu. After sending your message, the Parimatch expert will join the chat room and resolve your situation.

WhatsApp & Telegram support line

The great and comfortable way for mobile fans to ask for help with WhatsApp and Telegram messengers. For WhatsApp, open the app and add Parimatch WhatsApp number which you can find on the website and start chatting. And for telegram users, just enter the Parimatch username. Parimatch Customer Service only responds to text messages, which means calls and sound messages will not be considered.