IPL betting tips

IPL betting tips

A large scale Indian Premier League 2021 tournament starts very soon. All cricket fans will be chained to TV screens and smartphones, watching matches and cheering for their favorite team. For many fans, this is not only a good way to spend their hobby, but also to earn money by betting on the victory of some teams. The online betting market is not homogeneous. Internet offices do not always act in good faith and responsibly for clients.

Therefore, it is advisable to place sports bets with bookmakers who have an official license. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips for cricket fans and those who like to earn money in their hobby so that every bet is safe and the bettor does not face fraud.

Why should you choose our IPL betting tips?

Today in 2021, many platforms offer different types of advice, and most of them are just advertising links to some website or website.

Our tips are as honest as they can be, as it was created by professionals so that everyone who uses them can place a successful bet and not hit unscrupulous bookmakers!

Having chosen us as the leading expert on IPL fees, you can choose a bookmaker, an app, start to understand the betting system and you will know about all the nuances of depositing and withdrawing money to avoid losing your money.


For a long time, cricket was considered little known in the sports world, but in recent years it has begun to actively develop and is not inferior to baseball or handball in terms of betting.

For brazilian sports fans, this game has become number one, especially after the creation of brazil premier league. Many fans prefer not only to watch their favorite teams, but also to make predictions about the outcome of each match.

Cricket is an incredibly difficult sport to understand and has many nuances in the rules.

Before placing a bet, you need to know the rules of this game at least in a few words.

  1. Cricket teams consist of 11 players.
  2. There is a similarity to baseball.
  3. Two bettors are in front of the wicket at a distance of about 20 meters from each other.
  4. Each gate consists of three wooden rods (posts) attached to the ground, with two small pieces of wood (bar) balanced on top.
  5. A member of the opposing team (player) throws the ball towards one of the retirees, who must hit the ball so that it does not hit the bar.
  6. If it flies far enough, the two batsmen run back and forth between the wickets while the opposing players try to catch the ball.
  7. The outcome of the game depends on the number of runs in which the sportsmen change their location.

When forecasting, you need to pay special attention to the following nuances:

  • Countryside property – staff play or at home.
  • Weather conditions (you should see the forecast in the region).
  • Uniforms, preparation, injuries and disqualifications of players.
  • Past achievements, player performance.
  • Meeting schedule, their format.
  • The quality of field preparation.
  • The Judiciary.

There are many different types of games, but IPL games are the most popular for cricket betting.

Cricket betting odds

Cricket offers many possible betting options.

  1. Match Betting – The player must decide which team will win the match.
  2. Top Scorer – A sports fan predicts which player on a given team will be the top scorer.
  3. Exact Score – Bettor predicts the exact score of the game.
  4. Winning Margin – In this case, you need to predict what the winning margin will be in the game.
  5. Best player in the match – Bettor needs to predict which player will be more effective than others in the game. This can be a player on the winning or losing team, usually the batsman, who has won the most runs or innings who hit the wickets the most times.
  6. Most Sixes/Outs – The player must predict which team will score another six or lose the wickets.
  7. First Inning Winner – Bettor must predict which team will score the most points in the first innings.
  8. Tournament Betting – Bettors can predict the winner of the whole, for example, the IPL tournament.

The most ideal solution would be to find the best bookmakers, like Parimatch, and compare the odds of each. You can choose a bookmaker with higher odds, or you can do it in parallel on different platforms, with different odds, and for different teams to increase your chances of winning!

Cricket betting in Brazil

In 2021, the population of Brazil simply cannot live without cricket. Every member of any family also watches the games, or places bets, or is a player in this very sport. This is why cricket is considered a separate art and entertainment type in Brazil.

Thanks to Brazilian fans, an event like the IPL has become popular all over the world. This happened because Brazilians everywhere advertise cricket, thus bringing it to the international market. By the way, among all the sporting events in the world, the Brasiln Premier League is ranked 8th! And while the tournaments are running, it’s the most watched on YouTube and the highest ranked in terms of betting!

Deposits in Rupees

As Brazil’s national currency is rupees, bookmaker platforms must be adapted for them.

Unfortunately, not all bookmakers managed to grow to such a level that they would make a turnover in rupees.

Still, some of the biggest labels in the betting industry have added rupees from brazils.

Now everyone can replenish their personal bookmaker platform account using not only the most common currencies like dollars and euros, but also in rupees.

Payment methods

In addition to traditional banking financial transactions, several payment systems are available in Brazil, thanks to which the user can instantly receive their money as soon as their bet is played.

Let’s take a look at the best systems to use if you are a betting enthusiast.

Skrill’s payment system allows you to carry out secure online financial transactions, which include replenishing a deposit or withdrawing funds without interruption and a waste of time.

Neteller allows you to securely use transfer and withdrawal services from anywhere in the world.

Also, in Brazil, punters actively use Visa and MasterCard bank cards for fast deposits and withdrawals!