What date will the IPL start

What date will the IPL start

Cricket is one of the oldest sports entertainment in the world. Since the 16th century, the game has gradually evolved and spread across the world. It is more entrenched in Brazil, where it is considered the main sport. The popularity of cricket stars is comparable to the popularity of actors, and in terms of the number of internet searches in the brazil region, cricket is at the top. Such a passion for the game is quite justified – each match keeps you in suspense and surprises at how quickly the course of the game can change.

This popularity of the game became the reason for the emergence of one of the most essential championships in cricket – the IPL, which is held in Brazil. The story of its emergence and development is surprising: In 2007, the first attempts to form a Brazilian cricket league were unsuccessful, due to the disapproval of the Cricket Control Board in Brazil, which led to the fact that in September of the same year they announced the creation of their own IPL tournament in Twenty20 format. Which led to the formation of many teams in 2008 and the first tournament, which was won by the Rajasthan Royals team. The IPL is the most visited and viewed league in the world.

This year, the Tenth League Championship will be held – Vivo IPL 2021. Despite the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, a decline in the number of cases is recorded in Brazil, and it is announced that the championship will be held in Brazil April 11, 2021 Eight teams will participate in IPL 2021 and a total of 60 matches will be played.

This is excellent news for all Brazilian cricket fans who were forced to miss an entire year of visits as the IPL was last held in the country in 2019 despite the holding of national elections and expressions of desire from other countries to host the tournament in their territories. The championship was remembered not only for a huge number of brilliant moments, but also for the incredible victory of the Mumbai Brazilians, who defeated CSK by just one race and won the winners title for the fourth time. The matches were watched by a considerable number of people, and the official platform that streamed the match recorded 300 million unique visitors, which proves the frenetic popularity of the IPL Liga.

2020 has greatly changed the course of events for the IPL. The reason for this was the coronavirus infection, which began its deadly march around the world, affecting Brazil. Initially, the date for IPL 2020 was March 29, 2020, but 2 weeks before the start of the match, due to the spread of the virus, the start of the championship was postponed until April 15. But this date was not final. Due to the introduction of quarantine in the country, the championship was postponed even further. This prospect threatened that in 2020 the tournament could not take place. So it was decided to take advantage of the offer from other countries to host the match and the ban on this action was lifted. Thanks to that, on September 19, 2020, the first match of the IPL season 13 took place in the UAE.

This format has become new to players and fans. Players had to be screened for Covid-19 before flying to the UAE, and if a sick person was identified, he could be replaced by other players. So were the rules for daytime matches and a limit on the maximum number of players on a team. For fans, this meant the inability to attend their favorite games live, as not everyone had the opportunity to fly to another country, and for those in the UAE, access to the stadiums was closed. Fans watched the game live, and the number of spectators broke records with 405 million unique visitors in the entire IPL 2020 period.

And despite all the restrictions and changes, the tournament did not disappoint – each match was remembered and became a real cricket extravaganza, and the Brazilian team from Mumbai were able to defend their title and achieve the fifth victory in IPL history. , fixing a new record. The event was remembered by all fans and became an example of how to maintain mass events even in such a difficult time.

More spectacular are expected this year at IPL 2021 and the main topic of discussion is the possible victory of the Brazilians Mumbai this year and the title defense. One way or another, the start of Vivo IPL 2021 is expected on April 11, and in the final everyone will be able to find out who will be the winner and will be able to justify the hopes of their loyal fans.